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PrestaShop is now available. This maintenance release fixes 17 issues reported on version 1.7.2.x.

Some of the most notable fixes are:

  • New loading spinner in Product Creation page.
  • New Context mocker for FrontController tests.
  • Fix for a voucher issue.
  • Fix currency display in supply order.
  • Fix cart rules conflict issue.
  • Fix web service product update.

Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Back Office:
    • Improvement:
      • #7810: Add a loading spinner into product page
    • Bug fix:
      • #7938: Update bulk action combinations number after delete or add combination
      • #8232: Fixed bug in AdminCartRulesController when limiting the validity …
      • #8287: Fix the category search in the product page
      • #8288: Fix displaying empty zip code of tax rule
      • #8346: Fix the currency display in supply order
      • #8366: Use default country instead of translator locale for marketplace API
  • Front Office:
    • Bug fix:
      • #7781: Add error message when updating quantity wanted input
      • #7848: Fix switching combination when the product is offline
      • #8283: Currency exchange fixes on product page
  • Core:
    • Improvement:
      • #8360: Fixing the version for core modules ps_legalcompliance ps_linklist ps_customtext ps_customeraccountlinks
    • Bug fix:
      • #8213: Voucher issue fix
      • #8298: Add context mocker for front controller tests
      • #8320: Fix again issue on Travis with window maximization (1.7.2.x)
      • #8361: Fix conflict between two cart rules and a single product cart
      • #8380: Fix Context::getTranslator() cache
  • Web Services:
    • Bug fix:
      • #8275: Fix update product with WS

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What Prestashop themes are supplied? You’ll find 200 totally free Prestashop themes provided inside the Prestashop official websites and there are also far more commercial themes on World wide web. The far more themes provided in the Prestashop hosting, the more choice it is possible to have to construct your exclusive e-learning system.

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