Best Classic ASP Hosting With Persits ASPJPeg – AspJpeg can be a server component which will help your ASP or ASP.NET applications with all their image-management requirements. With AspJpeg, you are able to generate high-quality thumbnails, logo-stamp photographs, extract metadata details from pictures, crop, improve, rotate, convert, and considerably more.

AspJpeg is definitely an sophisticated image management component to become utilized within a Microsoft IIS atmosphere.

AspJpeg enables your ASP/ASP.NET application to dynamically create high-quality thumbnails of images in just a number of lines of code. An original image might be in any from the following formats: JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF or PNG.

This element may be utilised in tandem with AspUpload, the top file upload element from Persits Computer software, Inc., to make thumbnails of pictures as they’re becoming uploaded towards the Web server.

aspjpegBest Classic ASP Hosting With Persits ASPJPeg Features

  • Supports JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and PNG formats as input.
  • Source images can be opened from disk, memory, or a recordset.
  • Resized images can be saved to disk, memory or an HTTP stream.
  • Supports three resizing algorithms: nearest-neighbor, bilinear, and bicubic.
  • Drawing and typing on top of an image. Support for TrueType and Type 1 fonts.
  • Automatic word wrapping, text alignment to the left, right, center and justified, rotation.
  • Picture-in-picture support.
  • Cropping, flipping, rotation, sharpening, grayscale conversion.
  • Compression rate of output images can be adjusted for optimal quality/file size ratio.
  • EXIF and IPTC metadata extraction from JPEG images.
  • Metadata preservation during resizing.
  • IPTC metadata adding and editing.
  • CMYK-to-RGB conversion.
  • Sepia filter.
  • Read/write access to individual pixels of an image.
  • PNG alpha channel support.
  • PNG output, alpha channel preservation.
  • GIF transparency support.
  • Brightness, contrast and saturation adjustment.
  • GIF output, transparency and animation preservation.
  • JPEG-to-GIF conversion.
  • Antialiased drawing routines.
  • Perspective projection.
  • Gaussian blur, edge detection, threshold, other filters.
  • Chroma key effect.

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