Best, Discount Persits ASPGrid Hosting Recommendation – Choosing Best, Discount Persits ASPGrid Hosting Recommendation is not a simple task especially with low price offers. Persits ASPGrid Hosting or AspGrid 3.1 is an active server component which brings your ASP application the power of a data-bound grid control. With AspGrid, you can build browser-independent editable grid interfaces to your databases in as little as 3 lines of ASP code.

AspGrid can be used in Microsoft Transaction Server (Windows NT 4.0) or Component Services (Windows 2000). Under NT 4.0, run Microsoft Management Console (MMC) found in the Option Pack 4 program group. Under Windows 2000, run Component Services found under Control Panels/Administrative Tools.

In MMC, open Microsoft Transaction Server and expand the branch Computers\My Computer\Packages Installed. Create a new package. In Component Services, expand the branch Computers\My Computer\COM+ Applications. Create a new application. Once a package (application) has been created, use File Explorer to drag the file aspgrid.dll and drop it onto the Components sub-folder of the new package.

AspGrid Features

  • Ability to create a Web-based editable grid interface to an arbitrary database table in as little as 3 lines of ASP code.
  • Intuitive object interface which enables you to customize the appearance of data in a grid.
  • Support for foreign-key recordsets.
  • Support for HTML controls such as checkboxes, list boxes and textareas.
  • Ability to turn data fields into links or images.
  • Support for column-wise sorting.
  • Navigation buttons.
  • Support for data-bound forms.

What’s New in AspGrid 3.0/3.1 ?

  • Support for an update-all-at-once mode New in 3.1
  • Support for a pop-up JavaScript calendar New in 3.1
  • Full backwards compatibility with AspGrid 2.5. Just change the ProgID to “Persits.Grid”.
  • ADO support. The component is based on ADO rather than ODBC.
  • COM+ Role-based security support.
  • Full support for client-side JavaScript validation.
  • Programmatic access to individual grid elements.
  • Parameters can be set via an XML document.
  • Support for the Oracle database.
  • Enhanced data formatting.
  • Ability to index columns by field name and not only by number.
  • Support for alternating row coloring.
  • Turning fields into hyperlinks or images is greatly simplified.
  • Ability to show all rows in the edit mode.
  • Record search functionality.
  • Support for external ADO Recordset and Connection objects.
  • “Top” and “Bottom” navigation buttons.

Best, Discount Persits ASPGrid Hosting Recommendation

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