Folder Structure for.NET Projects

Understanding the folder structure of a.NET project is critical for developers navigating the broad world of.NET programming. Whether you’re creating a console program, a web application, or a class library, a solid understanding of folder structure is essential for successfully organizing and maintaining code. In this lesson, we’ll look at the complexity of.NET project folder structure, explaining the purpose and relevance of each directory.

.NET Folder Structure.

In a single project scenario, separation of concerns is achieved through the use of folders.

The default template includes separate folders for MVC pattern responsibilities of Models, Views, and Controllers, as well as additional folders for Data and Services.

In this arrangement

  • presentation: details should be limited as much as possible to the Views folder.
  • data access: implementation details should be limited to classes kept in the Data folder.
  • Business logic: should reside in services and classes within the Models folder.


Understanding the folder structure of .NET projects is essential for developers to organize, manage, and collaborate on software projects effectively.

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