Best Windows Hosting for Zikula 1.4.2 – Zikula 1.4.2 is usually a Web Application Toolkit, which lets you run impressive websites and develop potent on the web applications. Zikula 1.4.2 has received praise for many items, but we think the highlights are ease of use, swift and simple development, safety and efficiency and lastly flexibility. A tool kit provides you with a variety of various tools to acquire a job done. Zikula 1.4.2 does just that, but for websites and web applications. Based on which distribution you select to run, Zikula 1.4.2 could manage your weblog articles, permit comments on your site, run a forum, downloads section or hyperlink directory or even deal with static content in any variety of languages. For day to day operate with Zikula 1.4.2, you will not want any technical knowledge – these of us around the team have set up web-sites for multi-national organizations, blogs, schools, the Scout Association and even Church groups. All of these men and women have been able to use Zikula 1.4.2 successfully for their demands.

Best Windows Hosting for Zikula 1.4.2 Features

The core development team is proud to announce the availabilty of Zikula Core 1.4.2.

Here is a list of the most important changes:


  • Fix module stylesheet not being loaded automatically for Core-2.0 modules.
  • Fix SearchModule not working for older modules required tables.php (#2643)
  • Fix error in BootstrapTheme where `pagetype` variable was required (#2681)
  • Fix legacy modules always using ‘home’ realm in Theme engine (#2691)
  • Fix Login block not functional (#2729)
  • Fix problems with legacy Themes (#2777)
  • Fix post installation login (#2187)
  • Improved handling of ‘utility’ themes via GET and add ability to restrict access via permissions on a more granular level.


  • Add new advanced block filtering based on a combination of any query parameter or request attributes.
  • Add functional login block to Bootstrap theme (#2730)
  • Add collapseable blocks. This feature had disappeared since Core-1.3x (#2678)
  • Add Vagrant support (#2814)
  • Change default theme to Bootstrap theme (new features added, blocks and permissions adjusted specific to theme)

Core-2.0 Features:

  • Add AdminInterfaceController and Twig tags – AdminModule
  • Add ExtensionsInterfaceController and Twig tags – ExtensionsModule
  • Add `currentUser` global variable to twig templates.
  • Add `Zikula\CategoriesModule\Form\Type\CategoriesType` for easier category usage in Symfony Forms.
  • Implement new definition spec for Hook capabilities.
  • Implement new BlockApi and all corresponding methods.
  • BlocksModule updated to Core-2.0 Spec.
  • ThemeModule updated to Core-2.0 Spec.
  • ExtensionsModule updated to Core-2.0 Spec (except Plugin Handling).
  • Add AbstractExtensionInstaller for use by third-party developers.
  • Update `\Zikula\Bundle\HookBundle\Hook\DisplayHookResponse` to allow response from non-Smarty sources. (#2600)

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