Best & Cheap PrestaShop v1.7.0.5 Hosting in UK

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In this post, will help you to Find the Best & Cheap PrestaShop v1.7.0.5 Hosting in UK. Using PrestaShop for developing unique online store, you will need huge expertise on this platform to handle the whole process. Allotting the whole work to the experienced and skillful developer, you will do the best thing for developing an E-Commerce website.

Best & Cheap PrestaShop v1.7.0.5 Hosting in UK

– Back Office:
– Bug fix:
– #7450: Fix some automator problem
– #7408: Fix deletion of virtual product attachment
– #7396: Fix products actions
– #7383: Add some cast on variables
– #7394: Fix fatal on getModulesToEnable()
– #7379: Fix image icon
– #7318: Fix saving decimals in AdminProduct combination form
– #7301: Translate categories tree in product page
– #7325: Add success message when import localization is ok
– #7324: No default reference on catalog
– #7326: Fix attachment file

– Front Office:
– Bug fix:
– #7410: Redirect to 404 when CMS page doesn’t exist
– #7340: Fix translations error from module with sprintf
– #6972: Add missing nofilter after display hook

– Core:
– Improvement:
– #7360: Add config.php to the file .gitignore
– #7353: Update Israel VAT to 17%
– Bug fix:
– #7465: Protect some folders
– #7424: Update composer with modules
– #7354: Filter theme / module inputs
– #7418: Alter currency name to varchar(64)
– #7419: Use the right modules branch
– #7411: Refacto to get translation files
– #7407: Do not load index.php file in catalogue
– #7397: Fix email override path
– #7387: Fallback dataformate duplicate value
– #7347: Use the right attributes separator into the cart
– #7388: Fix clear media cache
– #7385: Fix function call
– #7351: Replace PCRE e modifier with callback

Best & Cheap PrestaShop v1.7.0.5 Hosting in UK

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