15% OFF Discount – Best SugarCRM Hosting in Europe

Is HostForLIFEASP.NET a trustworthy SugarCRM hosting provider? To come out the answer, our editors have started a comprehensive review based on price, features, related technologies, hosting performance, and customer service. Note that all the results are coming from our real hosting experience and verified customer feedbacks. Founded in 2008, this company devotes itself in offering quality SugarCRM hosting for almost 10 years. In addition to authority recognition, it also has been trusted by a lot of webmasters. According to hundreds of reviews coming from their customers all over the world, we have found that more than 90% of these people are highly satisfied with their hosting service.

Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements are included in the release:

  • PHP 7.1 Support : PHP version 7.1 is now supported for on-site instances.
    Note: Support for PHP 7.1 is in Beta for Windows server environments. Specific known issues are listed below.

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been resolved in version

  • 73009 : When the total file size in the ./upload/upgrades/module/ directory is large, it may cause performance issues in Admin > Module Loader.
  • 73727 : Emails sent from Sidecar modules may fail to send if the system’s outbound email setting is configured with an email address that has a password containing a special character.
  • 75446 : The values of custom relate fields created in Studio are not listed as Available Fields for process email templates.
  • 77226 : Subsequent logins to Sugar may fail if the “Load login screen in same window to avoid pop-up blocking” option is enabled.
  • 77626 : A user’s default selected teams apply retroactively to records they created prior to enabling team-based permissions.
  • 77645 : Deleting records from modules containing a large number of records may result in performance issues.
  • 78108 : User sessions that expire while accessing a Legacy module (e.g. Studio) may cause the cross-site forgery error message to appear.
  • 78156 : When creating a quote, the page may not scroll as expected in the desktop version of Sugar.
  • 78187 : Attempting to load additional comments posted in the activity stream may result in a 500 error.
  • 78231 : Regular users assigned to the Tracker role may be improperly restricted from viewing tracker-type reports.
  • 78340 : Creating and running a summation-type report that is grouped by a date field (e.g. “Day: Date Modified”) may fail with an error for Sugar instances running on MSSQL databases.
  • 78425 : Filtering reports using certain operators (e.g. “Does Not Contain”) may improperly exclude records with empty values in the field from report results.
  • 78482 : The Cases module is not available as a related module in Advanced Workflow.
  • 78553 : Invalid or improperly designed process definitions may cause performance issues.
  • 78554 : The Check Inbound Mailboxes scheduler may not be able to connect and retrieve emails from group mail accounts with passwords containing a special character.
  • 78779 : Invalid process definitions are mistakenly queued for retry instead of stopping with an Error status.
  • 78796 : Processes running from process definitions or process business rules that contain a dropdown field in any criteria will terminate with an Error status.
  • 78828 : A record view may experience performance degradation when loading if it contains a large number of fields.
  • 78856 : Importing Advanced Workflow records that contain special characters causes an error in the Sugar log.
  • 78875 : Advanced Workflow will not send an email message if it contains a non-Sugar email address in the cc field.

15% OFF Discount – Best SugarCRM Hosting in Europe

To get the Best, Cheap Windows Hosting with SugarCRM in Europe, we are researching for 6 months. We compare a lot of Windows ASP.NET Hosting companies and finally, we recommend HostForLIFEASP.NET as your SugarCRM hosting partner.

HostForLIFE combining industry-best practices and staff with cutting-edge knowledge and expertise, they provide the stability and reliability you need to realize success in today’s modern world. Their single focus concern is providing your websites with the utmost in terms of reliability and stability. To that end, they have built an industry-leading web hosting platform featuring the best of modern technology and industry practices. They provide great service SugarCRM hosting only for Є 2.97/month. It includes with Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited disk space, and complete features.

HostForLIFEASP.NET SugarCRM Hosting Fantastic Support, 24/7

HostForLIFEASP.NET hired an army of the very best technicians, managers and web hosting gurus. That means clear, professional support, fast. Their team are standing by to respond to your queries around the clock, big or small, and we’ll be there for you – 24×7, 365 days a year. You can contact us via all standard communication channels – by e-mail, through the ticketing system, or via an online form – should you have any pre-sales questions.

windows-hostingGuaranteed Uptime

Relibility, Stability and Performance of their servers remain their TOP priority. Even their basic service plans are equipped with standard service level agreements for 99.99% uptime. Advanced options raise the bar to 99.99%. They’ve all seen those 10-page, hard-to-read service level agreements from hosting providers they don’t agree with those. They believe that uptime and reliability is crucial to providing a high-level service and it’s one of their highest priorities – an uptime guarantee should be simple, digestible and easy to understand!

It goes without saying that your data is important to you, and HostForLIFEASP.NET take that premise very seriously – they do everything they can to keep your data safe. They’ve implemented a revolutionary custom in-house backup system, allowing them to create an entire backup ecosystem. They remotely backup your data across multiple datacenters every night, giving you the ability to restore precious data in an instant.

Outstanding Reliability

HostForLIFEASP.NET offers a highly redundant, carrier-class architecture, designed around the needs of shared hosting customers. The company’s prices for shared and dedicated hosting are competitive; its features and perks are robust and its stated commitment to outstanding customer service and support is manifest in its bevy of award-winning ancillary services.

Summary | Best, Cheap Windows Hosting with SugarCRM

in Europe

Our team has tried their service for 3 months to give you more accurate result of this web hosting performance. For 6 months, our website is always up and load so fast. We also get good feedback when we need some help. Because their good service, we choose HostForLIFE as the Best, Cheap Windows Hosting with SugarCRM in Europe.