35% Discount now! Best Windows Hosting for PrestaShop v1.7.1.0 in India

Discountwindowshosting.com – WindowsASPNETHosting.in is a cost-effective web host that offers the entry-level hosting solution for bloggers and newbies mainly. Unlike some other hosting providers that offer a wide range of hosting types, this company only focuses on the shared web hosting on the Linux operating system, with no Windows hosting, dedicated server hosting and reseller hosting available.

One of the major highlights of this web host is their affordability. Initially, they set the price starting at INR 159.99/month, but now, you can get their hosting service at the price of INR 103.99/month effectively with their special 35% discount. In the following, we have showcased the detailed information about WindowsASPNETHosting.in promotion and discount.

35% Discount now! Best Windows Hosting for PrestaShop v1.7.1.0 in India

– Back Office:
– New feature:
– #7529: Product module page
– #7508: Mail in-transit improvement (webservice, markup)
– #7491: Allow to exclude tax and shipping in affiliation sales total
– #7287: Add counter to the inputs
– #6906: Implement “Update all” modules feature
– Improvement:
– #7576: Remove useless meta_title
– #7573: Two wordings on the module tab of the product page
– #7551: Restore compiled assets
– #7516: Check if hook exists before get hook module exec list
– #7439: Header BO responsive (legacy part)
– #7497: Display shipping max. refundable amount in order partial refund form
– #7206: Update wording form.html.twig
– #7435: Remove initForm* from old product controller
– #7467: Update comment for jQuery migrate
– #7256: Add notifications counter
– #7421: Remove useless isset
– #7405: Domains tree on translations page now on more than 2 levels
– #7373: Add a new hook on dashboard
– #7364: Sort products in descending order
– #7315: Fix integration issues with translation page
– #7352: Reduce width of brand select input
– #7320: Only display the module you want to translate
– #7254: Add redirect to category for product not available
– #6712: Rename the productDisplayButtons hook to productDisplayAdditionalInfo
– #7308: Add version to help api feedback
– #7280: Change locales json
– #7175: Test admin controllers
– #7025: Add translation domains to Adv. param controllers 2
– #7238: Harmonize wording cms.xml tab.xml
– #6990: Change Stores controller option from ‘Status’ to ‘Active’
– #7100: Add some more translation domains to controllers
– #7230: Change PS color for tinymce
– #7188: Add text format selector to TinyMCE
– #6743: Implement optionnal but specific action to display on module page
– #7015: Set new product cover when current is deleted
– #7098: Removed sensor parameter from Google Maps JS API
– #6776: Do not display empty module categories
– #3915: Removed _includeContainer ; never more used

Best India Windows Hosting for PrestaShop v1.7.1.0 Recommendation

WindowsASPNETHosting.in is the India’s #1 Windows hosting provider that offers the most reliable world class Windows hosting solutions for their customers. WindowsASPNETHosting.in provides high quality affordable India’s Windows hosting services for personal and companies of all sizes. Host your website with an innovative, reliable, and a friendly India’s Windows hosting company who cares about your business. Your success is their success, and they do the utmost to help you succeed with your website. They always go the extra mile to satisfy your requirements and it is because of this that their reputation is so good. Their India’s Windows servers are fast and reliable; they always use the latest technology.


Price Tag & Discount

WindowsASPNETHosting.in best Windows hosting for PrestaShop v1.7.1.0 is pricing from INR70/month, and now they give promo code to get free domain and free double SQL server space for all readers going through this exclusive WindowsASPNETHosting.in promotional link. Besides, the 30 days money back guarantee gives customers a sense of risk-free to go with a long billing period.

Each facet of their network infrastructure scales to gigabit speeds with no single point of failure. Due to the fact we built it their selves, they produced it ideal. They designed the network. They made the server arrangement in the application towards the outer casing. They only make use of the finest servers inside the industry. The servers are placed on the information center with world-class facilities, thus guaranteeing highest overall performance and reliability. They perform tirelessly and around the clock to create certain that your sites remain up, stay rapid, and remain supported together with the newest in hosting technologies.

Their data center has fully redundant connectivity, and industry-leading monitoring and security systems. They own and operate three world-class data centers strategically located in Mumbai (India), London (UK) and Washington D.C.(US). Built to scale to the needs of their domestic and international clientele, each data center leverages an ITIL-based control environment validated for compliance against HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOC (formerly SAS 70) frameworks. Our data centers are also 100% compliant against OCR and PCI Audit Protocols.


They never ever ever overload their server with tons of consumers. They always load balance their server to produce confident they can deliver a great service, coupling with the higher overall performance and trusted server. They’re so confident in their hosting solutions they’ll not merely provide you with a 30 days income back guarantee, but also they offer you a 99.9% uptime assure.

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Customer Support

http://WindowsASPNETHosting.in gives 24/7 India-based customer support. They in no way fall asleep and they run a service that is definitely operating 24/7 a year. Even every person is on holiday throughout Easter or Christmas/New Year, they’re always behind their desk serving their clients.