API Versioning in .NET 6

Change is the one constant in the fast-paced world of software development. When it comes to designing APIs, it is critical to ensure that updates do not disturb current client applications. API versioning is a strategy that allows you to improve and upgrade your API while remaining in sync with the past. Today, we’ll look at why and how API versioning works in the context of.NET. Sixth. Three API Versioning Foundations

API versioning is the foundation of API evolution, and it provides three significant benefits that highlight its significance.

  • Seamless Coexistence: Assume your API has been serving clients for years, and they have come to rely on its structure and behavior. API versioning allows multiple revisions of your API to coexist happily. This implies that while you’re releasing exciting new features and upgrades for current clients, your older clients will be able to continue operating normally. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.
  • Controlled Evolution: As your API matures and evolves, it becomes critical to keep track of changes. API versioning allows you to manage these changes in an organized manner. You describe what’s new, what’s changed, and what stays the same with each iteration. This not only aids developers in understanding the API’s evolution, but also enables them to make informed judgments about which version best meets their needs.
  • Granular Control: In the API world, one size does not suit all. You may want to offer new capabilities to selected client applications while leaving others on older versions. API versioning allows you to specify which version of an endpoint a client can access. This implies that you may adjust the API experience to the capabilities and requirements of various client apps, providing maximum compatibility.

A Four-Step Journey

We will open up a world of possibilities in just four simple steps.

1. Putting the Package Together
Everything starts with a basic installation. By importing the essential versioning package from Nuget into your project.


2. Program.cs Configuration

The next step is to modify your Program.cs file to incorporate versioning into your API. This step ensures that your API is version-aware from the beginning.

app.UseEndpoints(endpoints =>

name: "default",
pattern: "DemoApi/api/v{version:apiVersion}/{controller}/{action}"


3. Adding Versions to Controllers

With versioning in place, you can easily add versions to your controllers by annotating your controller API Version attribute and Pass the Route attribute. This process allows you to maintain multiple versions of your API endpoints.


4. ApiController Source Code

Here is some sample code you may add to your project to see if Versioning is working properly.

using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc;
using System;

namespace DemoApi.Service.Controllers
public class DemoAPIController : ControllerBase
public IActionResult GetAPIVersion(ApiVersion apiVersion)
return Ok($"API Version: {apiVersion.ToString()}");
catch (Exception ex)
return StatusCode(500, ex.Message);

5. Postman testing

Testing is essential to guarantee that everything works as planned. Postman, a well-known API testing tool, comes to the rescue. It enables you to test the functioning and compatibility of your freshly updated API.



API versioning in.NET 6 is a strategy for future-proofing your APIs, not merely a technical maneuver. It ensures that your APIs change seamlessly with the changing landscape of software development while maintaining the integrity of old client applications.

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