Best ASP.NET Hosting for Knockout.js MVVM Framework

Today, DiscountWindowsHosting will help you for pick Best ASP.NET Hosting for Knockout.js MVVM Framework. Knockout is a popular JavaScript library that simplifies the creation of complex data-based user interfaces. It can be used alone or with other libraries, such as jQuery. Its primary purpose is to bind UI elements to an underlying data model defined as a JavaScript object, such that when changes are made to the UI, the model is updated, and vice versa. Knockout facilitates the use of a Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern in a web application’s client-side behavior. The two main concepts one must learn when working with Knockout’s MVVM implementation are Observables and Bindings.


Knockout is deployed as a single JavaScript file, so installing and using it is very straightforward using bower. Assuming you already have bower and gulp configured, open bower.json in your ASP.NET Core project and add the knockout dependency as shown here:

  "name": "KnockoutDemo",
  "private": true,
  "dependencies": {
    "knockout" : "^3.3.0"
  "exportsOverride": {

With this in place, you can then manually run bower by opening the Task Runner Explorer (under View ‣ Other Windows ‣ Task Runner Explorer) and then under Tasks, right-click on bower and select Run. Knockout includes bindings that can perform conditional and looping operations. Looping operations are especially useful for binding lists of data to UI lists, menus, and grids or tables. The foreach binding will iterate over an array. When used with an observable array, it will automatically update the UI elements when items are added or removed from the array, without re-creating every element in the UI tree.

Best ASP.NET Hosting for Knockout.js MVVM Framework Recommendation

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