Best ASP.NET Hosting for Mambo in Australia | Mambo was the world’s most popular CMS. At 1 time it was estimated that more than 40% of the world’s web websites were powered by Mambo. Strange but true. Stuff happened and every thing went a bit strange. Mambo all but died which can be a shame.

If you’ve read anything at all about Content Management Systems (CMS), you will most likely know at least three items: CMS will be the most exciting method to do business, CMS could be really, I mean actually, difficult and lastly Portals are absolutely, outrageously, usually unaffordably pricey.

Mambo is set to change all that. Mambo is different in the regular models for portal software program. For any start, it isn’t complex. Mambo has been created for the masses. It’s licensed under the GNU/GPL license, simple to install and administer and trustworthy. Mambo doesn’t even demand the user or administrator in the program to know HTML to operate it when it’s up and operating.

Are you searching for a dependable web hosting who can full assistance Mambo CMS application? Okay, this really is the right site you have visited and here I’d prefer to recommend of trustworthy Mambo Hosting for you to verify.

Why DiscountService is Best ASP.NET Hosting for Mambo in Australia

Best ASP.NET Hosting for Mambo Plan

DiscountService Fully Support Mambo Hosting

To use all of Mambo versions especially the latest version, you should choose reliable hosting company that has fully support. DiscountService is one of the best ASP.NET hosting providers that always gives fully support of all Mambo versions. Their support features is very updateable.

DiscountService Gives Best Cost and Huge Discount

DiscountService provides very best price, but not just that in addition they provides huge discount for all of their hosting plans. You can verify their best price and discount at following table value:

DiscountService, Australia Data Center

Their data centers are strategically located about the country to supply their customers with all the highest levels of availability, service and help on the market. Their information centers exactly located on Australia (Melbourne). The data Center is custom designed with raised floors. Data Center is equipped with HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones, seismically braced racks, advanced early smoke detection and fire suppression systems. Their Data Centers are supported by some of the most powerful physical security in the business. They have 24/7 video surveillance, security breach alarms and Biometric thumb print scanners at every entryway.

DiscountService 99.9% Uptime

Because the most reliable hosting company in Australia, DiscountService guarantees at least 99.9% uptime, meaning that customers’ websites can be accessible at any time around the web. Besides, DiscountService leverages the power of world-class data center to place these quality and robust net servers. The data center is featuring UPS for unceasing and stable power supply, advanced cooling program for climate control, DDoS response to avoid malicious attack, tier 1 telecom provider to shorten the network path, firewall to block unnecessary ports, and 24/7 monitoring to ensure all the facilities is working properly.