Best Windows Hosting for Composite C1 5.0 – Composite C1 CMS is actually a fully featured totally free open source net Content Management System developed for (and by) web specialists who focus on customized websites and content material. Composite C1 is quite end-user friendly and easy to navigate and use when editing content material.

The Editor and Developer UI runs in each of the significant browsers on Windows and Mac OS. The user interface is obtainable in English, German, Chinese, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian and Dutch.

Developers can handle layouts and extend the program utilizing any option of ASP.NET Razor, Web Forms, MVC and XSLT. Just like the back-end developers, front-end developers are highly empowered and in a position to control internet site look and really feel down to minute detail.

With all the program becoming depending on .NET 4 developers have access to the latest technologies, a pluggable nicely made architecture & API and full LINQ data access.

High-end technical skills are not a requirement to build websites with Composite C1, but if you’ve got them, you will pwn the program.

Best Windows Hosting for Composite C1 5.0 New Version

Most important of all of the 5.0 release enable users to create significantly richer web experiences – this really is attainable because of a simplified interface for altering C1 Function settings and ‘pixel perfect’ previews of C1 Functions inside the Visual Editor, making it very simple to find elements you should update.

Streamline your work and do it even faster in the brand-new C1 Console adapted to your specific tasks, preview pages, media, data items while navigating the tree, quickly build list/detail views for your data, map tree elements to any URLs or data items, or turn your MVC solutions into regular C1 Functions in no time.


The C1 Console’s brand new look and feel

The UI in the C1 Console has completely changed from the classic Windows look and feel to a modern and simplified user interface.

Content navigation as a visual experience

Now content navigation is a visual experience with the introduction of the browser view that displays the content of the node you have navigated to. It spans elements such as pages, media, data items other types of content.

The UI adapting to your current tasks

The tree and related command buttons are no longer globally available and exist on their own tab. Switching to a new tab removes all these elements from your immediate view and allows you to focus on a concrete task. It eliminates a lot of visible complexity from the UI and opens up the available workspace, ultimately giving a better user experience.

Device previews and page analysis tools

When browsing pages in the C1 Console you can choose different view modes: a standard browser or devices of various sizes such as phones and tablets. Also, the view can be a service like Google PageSpeed Insights or the W3C markup validator, or the built-in C1 Page Speed report that gives you a performance analysis on a page and helps identify C1 Functions that take the most time to render on the page.

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Best Windows Hosting for Composite C1 5.0 Advice – HostForLIFEASP.NET


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Reason to trust your Composite with HostForLIFEASP.NET

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