Creating Text and Email Using Handlebars.NET Templates in.NET

Personalized communication through text messages, emails, or notifications is essential to successfully engaging users in today’s software environment. Templating engines such as Handlebars.NET offer a strong way to quickly and easily create dynamic content. Handlebars.NET is a very flexible and easy-to-use tool for text and email template creation in the.NET ecosystem.

Knowing How to Use Handlebars.NET

With the help of the well-known templating engine Handlebars.NET, developers may produce dynamic templates for a number of uses, such as producing text files, sending emails, and rendering HTML. Handlebars.NET builds on the simplicity of Mustache templates by providing more functionality, such as partials and helpers, all while maintaining a user-friendly syntax.

Setting up
With NuGet, Handlebars.NET is simple to get up and running.

Getting started with Handlebars.NET is straightforward through NuGet.

dotnet add package Handlebars.Net

Creating Text Templates

Text templates are instrumental in generating dynamic content for various purposes such as SMS notifications, reports, or even configuration files.

Basic Text Template Example

Let’s consider a simple example of a text template.

Hello, {{name}}!
Your order ({{orderNumber}}) has been shipped.
Estimated delivery date: {{deliveryDate}}

Rendering Text Templates

var template = Handlebars.Compile("Hello, {{name}}!");
var context = new { name = "John Doe" };
var result = template(context); // Generates: Hello, John Doe!

Handlebars.NET facilitates the dynamic binding of data to template placeholders, hence streamlining the process of creating customized messages.

Creating Template Emails

Compared to plain text, emails frequently need more design and content. HTML templates are supported by Handlebars.NET, making it possible to create dynamic and aesthetically pleasing email content.

HTML Email Template Example

Consider an email template.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <h1>Hello, {{name}}!</h1>
    <p>Your order ({{orderNumber}}) has been shipped.</p>
    <p>Estimated delivery date: {{deliveryDate}}</p>

Rendering HTML Email Templates

var htmlTemplate = Handlebars.Compile(File.ReadAllText("email-template.html"));
var emailContext = new
    subject = "Order Shipped Notification",
    name = "John Doe",
    orderNumber = "12345",
    deliveryDate = "January 20, 2024"
var htmlResult = htmlTemplate(emailContext);

Handlebars.NET allows developers to create dynamic HTML content for emails effortlessly by replacing placeholders with actual data.

Leveraging Helpers and Partials

Handlebars.NET introduces helpers and partials to enhance template capabilities further.


Custom logic can be executed within templates with the aid of helpers. For example, formatting numbers or dates.

Handlebars.RegisterHelper("formatDate", (writer, context, parameters) =>
    if (parameters.Length > 0 && parameters[0] is DateTime date)

Sections of templates can be reused between different templates thanks to partials.

<!-- Partial template -->
<!-- Main template using the partial -->
{{> header title="Welcome"}}

The creation of dynamic text and email content in.NET apps is made easier using Handlebars.NET. Its data binding capability, auxiliary and partial extensibility, and simple syntax make it an effective instrument for individualized communication.

Developers may create dynamic templates more quickly by utilizing Handlebars.NET. This allows for more engaging and tailored user communications via emails, notifications, and other text-based platforms. With the help of Handlebars.NET, developers can rapidly produce dynamic content for their.NET apps, be it simple text messages or eye-catching HTML emails.

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