SharePoint 2013 Hosting Tricks: How to Repeat Authentication Prompts from SharePoint?

In the past few weeks I had 2 clients with an identical issue – each had some users experiencing multiple requests for user name and password whenever they accessed the website. With one client getting into the user name and password generally worked, and sometimes would request ten times and so show the website, and sometimes would just lead to a blank, empty page. With the other client, they’d forever get to a “internet soul cannot show the net page” error page.

If you analysis the difficulty on your favorite program, you may realize plenty of references to authentication suppliers (forms, claims so on), written record problems, trusty sites or computer network zone settings or even the users ar on the server and therefore the loopback check wasn’t disabled. Well, none of those were valid within the case of those 2 shoppers – for one factor, the users weren’t on the server – they were on their desktops. for an additional factor – even once the positioning was other to trusty sites it still happened. Most perplexingly – with one shopper it solely happened to users on windows XP, not the users Who were on Windows7…

After wasting plenty of your time troubleshooting the difficulty, I finally accomplished what should show a discrepancy between those users and therefore the rest, and why it typically worked and typically it did not – it absolutely was the proxy server!

Turns out each client had a proxy server, with proxy settings deployed to desktops via group policy. The proxy would behave differently every time it was asked for the new web site address, and would cause an authentication prompt for every image on the page. In one organisation, the proxy settings that were deployed were completely different for Windows XP users – that explains why only those users experienced the problems.

The solution?

I told the network admin to either add the web site to the proxy exception list in ie (via group policy) or fix the proxy server itself.

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