Backup Your Website Automatically With CodeGuard

codeguard-image.png.scaled500 copyIn case you are reading this post, then there’s an excellent likelihood which you personal and operate a website of some type. You could have a website, an organization web site, a web-based forum or any variety of different kinds of web sites. They are essential to you and they should be backed up properly, just as you’d probably back again up all of the data that you have stored all on your own computer.

Manual backups may be time-consuming and unreliable. It makes significantly a lot more feeling to contemplate a services like that offered by CodeGuard. They promise to provide you a “time machine for your web site,” completely automating the backup procedure and storing all that vital data for the cloud.

BackUp Your Entire Web site

CodeGuard supports a number of main platforms, such as WordPress, cPanel, Joomla and mySQL, so it should be capable to do an entire and dependable backup of the website.


To be able to begin the backup process, you’ll need to connect your website to CodeGuard by providing it together with your FTP and mySQL login info. The preliminary backup will scour via your account and conserve all of that data to the cloud. Throughout this time, you can see real-time updates on the development.

Following the first backup is full, CodeGuard will make periodic computerized backups, presumably on an incremental alter degree, on the every day foundation. All of this whilst, you have entry to the person dashboard in which you are able to review the development and make sure that every little thing is operating since it ought to. But CodeGuard goes additional than just automating the backup method.

Monitoring and Notifications

You are probably mindful in the adjustments that you’re producing yourself to your site, but imagine if it gets compromised and hacked? Occasionally, you don’t even recognize the safety breach until finally days or weeks afterwards. At the moment, the harm could presently be done.


Which is why it’s so useful that CodeGuard also has a built-in checking system. It compares each from the successive backups to determine if something has altered and, if that’s the case, how much of it has modified. This includes monitoring the quantity of documents that have altered, as well since the variety of traces within a databases that may happen to be altered. This might be a sign of being hacked. Really don’t be concerned, CodeGuard may be configured to disregard modifications to typical information like logs, stats as well as the cache.

This monitoring is accompanied with e-mail alerts. By doing this, you can usually remain along with what exactly is occurring along with your website and respond appropriately if one thing is amiss.

Restore Any Clear Version of the Site

So, let us say one thing does occur in your web site and you need to revert back again to some prior version. CodeGuard keeps a history of prior variations of the site, just like Time Machine on the website. You’ll be able to then choose to restore to any “clean” version of your website prior to the unauthorized change or malicious assault.

CodeGuard can endeavor to immediately restore your internet site for you personally, replacing your existing content with what it’s within the backup, or else you can download the ZIP file and perform a guide restoration yourself. You can even opt to restore specific information in the backup archive.

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