Remove Uncategorized Category from Posts in WordPress 4.4

In this tutorial, i am going to show you how to Remove uncategorized category from posts in WordPress 4.4. As we tend to all know uncategorized could be a default category working for wordpress posts. As we mention the original behavior of wordpress posts, then we all know that if we aren’t assigning any category to our post then it’ll automatically goes under a category named “Uncategorized” which could be a default category defined for wordpress posts.

When we try to delete it from category section, we are going to unable to see any link to delete it. as a result of it’s defined as a default category and wordpress doesn’t allow us to delete default category.

Now sometimes it’s weird to show uncategorized  to our users. we would like to change it or delete it to make it more attractive. So, here i’m writing few simple steps to create this happen, please follow below mentioned steps :

  1. Create a new category (your new default category)
  2. Go to setting => writing => Default post category section and select your new category from dropdown as shown in above picture.
  3. Go to posts => Categories and now delete “Uncategorized” from the list.
    In this way, you will get success to make default post category as per your choice and delete the “uncategorized” successfully.

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