Best, Cheap Discount SQL Server 2014 Hosting in UK

How to select the Best, Cheap Discount SQL Server 2014 Hosting in UK ? Selecting the highest and reliable web hosting for SQL Server 2014 in UK isn’t an easy task especially with low price offers. You would like to require a large number of factors into consideration, as well as the SQL Server 2014 hosting compatibility, usability, features, speed, reliability, price, company name, etc. Therefore, we’ve got established this Best, Cheap Discount SQL Server 2014 hosting in UK review website, that is designed to assist you discover the reliable Best, Cheap Discount SQL Server 2014 hosting within minutes, based on our editors’ SQL Server 2014 hosting experience and real customers’ feedback.

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Best, Cheap Discount SQL Server 2014 Hosting in UK

What is SQL 2014 Hosting?

Sometimes, businesses are often must face complicated issues. It doesn t matter if it occurs within the organization or associated with clients and consumers. For instance, clients typically need their data quality becoming enhanced regularly that may be a challenging job. Using the SQL Server 2014 this method could be reduced this issue because it’s the power to enhance the consistency and accuracy from the data. The SQL Server 2014 works by cleaning out the data therefore leading to exceptional quality and enduring upkeep.

SQL Server 2014 causes it to be easier and more affordable to develop high-performance, mission-critical applications, enterprise prepared Massive Data assets, and BI solutions which assist employees build much better selections, faster. These solutions have the flexibility from being deployed on-premises, inside the cloud or in a hybrid environment, and can be managed via a common and familiar tool set.

Who is the Best, Cheap Discount SQL Server 2014 Hosting?

For any reason. The Hosting SQL Server 2014 should be independent from web server or else the performance can not be guaranteed, no matter if it’s SQL express or full version SQL Server database, you should always go with the hosting provider who have independent servers prepared for database.

HostForLIFEASP.NET Overview

As one of the world’s largest Windows web hosting companies, HostForLIFEASP.NET focuses on reliability and innovation to continue their rise to the top of the industry. HostForLIFEASP.NET is a privately held limited liability corporation built on a basis of planned growth and solid ground work. Anyone who is looking for a secure, reliable and fast SQL Server 2014. HostForLIFEASP.NET is great fit and can meet all customers web hosting related needs. The company has many servers in various locations around the world, and features some excellent customer support and uptime figures. Let’s take a closer look at HostForLIFEASP.NET and their SQL Server 2014 hosting.

HostForLIFEASP.NET Pricing Reviews

HostForLIFEASP.NET offers four packages for those interested with SQL Server 2014 web hosting with London (UK) Data Center support, this is the price and feature:


HostForLIFEASP.NET Performance Reviews

The uptime and speed of a website is extremely important to customers. That is the reason why HostForLIFEASP.NET values its data center, server, network, and other facilities significantly.HostForLIFEASP.NET currently operates data center located in Amsterdam (Netherlands), London (UK), Seattle (US) and Paris (France). All their data center offers complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security.

Their Data Center has over 53,000 sq ft of raised floor between the two facilities, HostForLIFE has an offering to fit any need. The datacenter facility sits atop multiple power grids driven by TXU electric, with PowerWare UPS battery backup power and dual diesel generators onsite. Their HVAC systems are condenser units by Data Aire to provide redundancy in cooling coupled with nine managed backbone providers.

HostForLIFEASP.NET Control Panel Reviews

The company through its website gives all its customers a Plesk 12 Panel which is basically server management software. Their SQL 2014 web hosting should be as easy to use as any other provider’s. HostForLIFE revolutionized hosting with Plesk Control Panel, a Web-based interface that provides customers with 24×7 access to their server and site configuration tools.

Some other hosting providers manually execute configuration requests, which can take days. Plesk completes requests in seconds. It is included free with each hosting account. Renowned for its comprehensive functionality – beyond other hosting control panels – and ease of use, Plesk Control Panel is available only to HostForLIFE’s customers.

HostForLIFEASP.NET Customer Support Reviews

Feel free to claim 24/7 uptime courtesy of the company’s 24/7 network monitoring practice. This is an excellent selling feature and one that should probably be standard throughout the SQL 2014 web hosting industry. As a matter of fact, you can anticipate for high performance web hosting solutions even after a power failure. HostForLIFE offers a complete menu of services. IT professionals select only what they need – and leave behind what they don’t. The result is an optimal blend of cost and performance.They offer IT professionals more advanced features and the latest technology – ahead of other hosting companies.