Best & Cheap Umbraco 7.3.2 Hosting

If you are looking for a ASP.NET-powered CMS that’s powerful enough for large and complex websites, but available for free, then you are in luck. Best & Cheap Umbraco 7.3.2 Hosting just might be what you are looking for. Many other .NET-based content management systems are expensive, clunky, and not that easy to use. Not with Umbraco. Umbraco is super powerful, but simple to use. The base CMS is free and supported by the community. It also has plenty of commercial add-ons that are sold individually or as part of bundles. You can download and work with the community version and purchase add-ons as needed.

umbraco 7.2.8 hosting

The latest version of Umbraco is 7.3.2. Umbraco 7.3.2 is “The community edition” – Includes the pull requests from the hackathon at UK festival 2015 and some other pull requests that came in afterwards. Umbraco is a fully-featured open source content management system with the flexibility to run anything from small campaign or brochure sites right through to complex applications for Fortune 500’s and some of the largest media sites in the world.


  • U4-4641 – Feature Request: template and code editors should have insert Section, Define section buttons
  • U4-5764 – Detailed node info on Content picker/Multi-node tree picker/Media picker
  • U4-6426 – CTRL Click should open in a new window.

Issues & Tasks

  • U4-1117 – Changing the /umbraco url to something else has some problems
  • U4-1959 – ActionsResolver not accessible
  • U4-3774 – Change password UX
  • U4-4028 – Scale image previews for video chapters in help panel
  • U4-4792 – Ancestors() on IContent throws Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • U4-5243 – Preview mode makes content lowercase
  • U4-5560 – Whitespace issue in Content tree
  • U4-5581 – Umbraco.Field with altFeildAlias and recursive fails
  • U4-5617 – TinyMCE cant access CSS file if in subfolders
  • U4-6094 – Send for translation hard coded to UserType Alias instead of Translate permission set on UserType
  • U4-6167 – MNTP: show path of selected node
  • U4-6282 – Add note to Register Partial Macro
  • U4-6340 – Partial view macro with parameters not working in RTE
  • U4-6511 – make MNTP icon clickable
  • U4-6515 – Media picker does not set $dirty
  • U4-6657 – Breadcrumb dissapears in media picker due to long translation of Upload
  • U4-6659 – Examine: Specific doctype not being indexed
  • U4-6732 – Show You need to enable javascript to use backoffice style message when accessing backoffice with javascript disabled
  • U4-6928 – When adding Members via the back office, they always show as created by the admin user
  • U4-6980 – Prevent TemplateRepository from saving a new MasterPage template if an existing View is already present when it detects MasterPage markup
  • U4-7070 – UX – Mediapicker autofocus when creating a folder
  • U4-7128 – Send to Translation gives YSOD
  • U4-7219 – Listview search 7.3 bug
  • U4-7268 – Property Label localization breaks when using generic language (eg. da instead of da-DK)
  • U4-7270 – Async Index actions for controllers implementing IRenderMvcController do not render view correctly
  • U4-7297 – Umbraco.TinyMCEv3/ Rich text editor not displaying all toolbar options
  • U4-7307 – Windows Authentication prompts for Windows login after Umbraco login
  • U4-7314 – Change name of Textbox Multiple to Large textbox or Textarea
  • U4-7322 – Dynamic macro parameters break on whitespace
  • U4-7323 – Build.bat fails on slow connection with no helpful error
  • U4-7324 – Member Picker search results doesn’t show correct icons
  • U4-7325 – UmbracoDatabase does not log full error info
  • U4-7341 – Scheduled Tasks should be called with .ConfigureAwait(false);
  • U4-7353 – OAuth providers for the back office require more flexibility with Challenge Results
  • U4-7356 – element can only be added once, when using nuget update-packge
  • U4-7367 – Remove debug check for showing the link to a document type from a content item
  • U4-7370 – Upgrading from 7.3.1 to 7.4 fails
  • U4-7380 – Backoffice timeouts after 7.3.1 upgrade
  • U4-7393 – Actions menu placed behind publish button on mobile phone
  • U4-7410 – Version issue with MySql.Data after upgrade to 7.3.1.
  • U4-7414 – Deleting a tab also deletes document type properties on that tab
  • U4-7430 – Move Umbraco version label to header in user dialog
  • U4-7457 – Server side request forgery (ssrf) in feedproxy.aspx
  • U4-7459 – XSRF protection bypass on a few controllers
  • U4-7461 – xss vulnerability in content type editor

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