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Internet Information Services (IIS) 8  for Windows Server 2012 is actually a steady, adaptable and easy-to-manage web server for hosting website files on the web. From softwares to media streaming video, IIS is often scalable for web builders to manage probably the most refined tasks.

An IIS 8 (Internet Information Services ) software is a Visual Basic software that lives on the web server and responds to requests in the browser. An IIS application utilizes HTML to present its consumer interface and utilizes compiled Visual Basic code to method requests and reply to occasions inside the browser.

IIS, produced by Microsoft Windows Server. IIS supports all types of Web services this sort of as Http, Https, FTP, FTPs, SMTP and NNTP.

IIS 8 has 3 main new improvements using the SSL Element including Centralized Certificate Store (CCS), Server Name Indication support (SNI) and SSL Scalability.

SSL Scalability

For those who have not worked with big scale website hosting with several SSL certificates you could not have realized that there is lot of advancements on this element.

  • In a multi-tenanted environment, such as a shared hosting, previous versions of IIS like 6.0, 7.0 lack or there is a limitation as too many secure sites can be hosted on windows server, resulting in a low site-density.
  • Each SSL Site requires its own IP address and after adding a few sites, startup performance becomes slow and the memory demand is high. Each certificate will be loaded into memory on the first visit to an SSL site which creates a large memory footprint and a long delay on the first load.
  • In IIS 8 the SSL certificate count is easily scalable to thousands of secure sites per machine with almost instantaneous first-loads. Only the certificate that is needed is loaded and it will unload after a configurable idle period. Additionally, enumerating or loading huge numbers of certificates is substantially improved.
  • Also the IIS handling of configuration files (*.Config) has been modified for the same kind of scale.

Centralized Certificate Store (CCS)

IIS 6 & 7, 7.5 forces you to import each certification into each website or application of the IIS. Which is a big changeling task for an IIS admin and it takes lot of time to complete it, in the event you are handling a whole farm’s worth of servers.

In IIS 8.0 there’s a new Central Certification store (CCS), which allows storing certificates on a central file share instead of each equipment and website. The identify of the certification file may be used to automatically map and bind the certification to the domain in question, and multiple-domain certificates are also supported through this scheme.

SNI/SSL Host Header

Using host headers along with a shared IP deal with with SSL certification has always been problematic. IIS eight now offers Server Name Indicator (SNI) support which allows numerous SSL web sites to share the identical IP. SNI is a fairly new feature (within the last few years) which allows host headers to work with SSL.

IIS 8 makes SNI support a first class citizen in the website host headers.

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